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Electronic tensile machine

Electronic tensile machine
Detailed introduction:

The non-asbestos rubber sheet manufacturer brings you some important precautions for using cylinder gaskets, and I hope it will help you!

When installing, align the positioning pin hole of the cylinder gasket with the positioning pin on the cylinder block. Note that the eight bolt holes and water holes on the cylinder gasket should be completely consistent with the corresponding holes on the cylinder body, and the flange of the retainer at the cylinder mouth should be facing upwards. If the cylinder head gasket is installed reversely, all the holes will not overlap, about 1.5mm. Note that the old gasket should not be exchanged back and forth to avoid damage to the seal of the cylinder gasket.

After the cylinder gasket is disassembled and assembled, it can still be used if it is intact. Before assembling the cylinder head bolts, dip the threaded part in the engine oil, and then install the screw to give full play to the effective fastening of the bolts. The tightening torque of the cylinder head bolts is 167-196N"m. Use a torque wrench to tighten them symmetrically and smoothly from the center to both sides in two steps. After the car has traveled for 200-300km, tighten it again in the hot state to prevent the cylinder head gasket Burning and "three leaks".

Some repairers use grease to improve the sealing performance of the cylinder gasket when installing the cylinder gasket, which is really harmful and unhelpful and should not be used. There is only one reason for the cylinder head gasket, which is high temperature. It is very rare that the cylinder head gasket is caused by the loose screw. The high temperature is caused by the lack of water. Before assembling the cylinder gasket, pay attention to check whether its surface is flat. Normally, there should be no defects such as bumps, dents, wrinkles, and deformation.

The reasons for the lack of water in automobile engines are as follows:

1. Water leakage caused by cracks in automobile water pipes

2. Water leakage caused by vibration and friction between water pipes and metal parts

3. The cooling fan does not work, the water temperature is too high, the water tank is severely burst, and the fan does not work because the fuse is burned or the wire plug is weak.

4. Too little coolant causes high temperature, usually caused by the above points

High temperature not only damages the cylinder head gasket, the temperature of an engine without coolant can be as high as 800 degrees. The cylinder head gasket cannot withstand such a high temperature. It is scorched and causes seal failure. Long-term high temperature will cause damage to the cylinder barrel, piston and connecting rod. If there is serious damage, the cylinder barrel and piston will have vertical lines of strain, and the connecting rod will be deformed due to high temperature. After the piston is installed with a deformed connecting rod, the cylinder will be biased. Even if the cylinder is changed, the piston will burn. Engine oil, therefore, avoid the high temperature of the car, and always look at the water temperature gauge. If it is abnormal, you need to get out of the car for inspection to avoid unnecessary losses.

The above is the full content of the precautions in the use of cylinder gaskets introduced by non-asbestos manufacturers. The company's main products are non-asbestos sheets, non-asbestos rubber sheets, gaskets and other products. For more information, please follow the company's official website!


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