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Performance and application analysis of high temperature resistant non-asbestos board


Do you know what are the characteristics of non-asbestos high temperature board?

Asbestos-free board manufacturers can use molds or various tools to stamp and cut the board, and then process them into products of various shapes. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, automotive and other industries, and is widely accepted and applied. The asbestos-free board is made of high-performance synthetic fibers, natural rubber, fillers, colorants and other materials. It is rolled into a board under high temperature and pressure, which can completely replace asbestos in essence.

It has good high temperature resistance and is suitable for heat insulation, sealing, electrical insulation and sound absorption at high temperatures. It is an excellent lightweight refractory material.

Chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity, high electrical insulation, high flexibility, high elastic modulus and other characteristics;

Uniform density, no gaps on the cutting surface; uniform thickness, smooth surface; easy cutting and installation.

Application range:

1. Flanges under high temperature conditions; heat and electrical insulation of furnace doors, furnace expansion joints and heating devices of instruments and equipment.

2. High temperature insulation of various industrial furnaces, ladle, casting drum, oven, etc.; electrical insulation and heat insulation of industrial electric furnaces.

3. High-temperature fire prevention, sound insulation, noise reduction and heat insulation of building exterior walls.

4. Petrochemical, metallurgy, ceramics, glass industry, non-ferrous metal industry, furnace lining insulation, high temperature reaction, heating equipment, furnace lining insulation, heat treatment furnace lining insulation, cement and other building materials.

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