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Obtained ISO9001 and IATF16949 certification in quality management。

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Experience in R&D and production of asbestos board sealing materials。

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The company’s products have been widely used in chemical, shipbuilding, nuclear power and other industries, and some of the products have been supplied to engine companies such as Shangchai and Xichai..

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Jiangsu Saier Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 and is located in Siyang, Jiangsu. The company has a registered capital of 34.7 million yuan, an area of 102 acres, a total investment of 120 million, and a designed annual production capacity of 2,000 tons. The company mainly produces high-quality non-asbestos rubber sheets, non-asbestos fiber boards, and non-asbestos gaskets. The company's predecessor was Ningbo Sail. It has been in Ningbo for 5 years. Jiangsu Sail continues to develop into a standardized enterprise on the basis of Ningbo Sail.

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Actively exert professional advantages, continuously expand market share, and strive to build a strong manufacturer of non-asbestos rubber sheets。


Rich experience in production

Our non-asbestos fiberboard company was formerly known as Ningbo Sail, and has been in Ningbo for 5 years. Jiangsu Sail has continuously developed into a standardized professional production of non-asbestos rubber sheets, non-asbestos fiber boards, and non-asbestos gaskets on the basis of Ningbo Sail. Business.


Talent and technological advantages

Our non-asbestos fiberboard manufacturers have successively established industry-university-research cooperation with East China University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology, and Zhejiang University to transform scientific and technological achievements and increase scientific research investment in the research and development of non-asbestos board, non-asbestos rubber board, and non-asbestos fiber board products.


Strict management

Non-asbestos fiberboard company adheres to the tenet of "honesty, trust first" and the business philosophy of "survive by quality, development by reputation, and market by scale", and actively utilize the professional advantages of non-asbestos board and continue to expand market share.


Elaborate design

Quality is the basis for the survival of non-asbestos rubber sheet manufacturers; innovation is the foundation of the development of non-asbestos rubber sheet manufacturers. We insist on ensuring that quality is the primary principle and provide high-quality and satisfactory non-asbestos sheets.

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Professional focus on sealing for ten years

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