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Cutting machine

Cutting machine
Detailed introduction:


1. Main raw materials

  1. Reinforcing fiber

  Using non-asbestos inorganic mineral fibers, organic synthetic fibers or cellulose fibers, single or multiple fibers can be mixed as reinforcing fibers.

   2. Cement

   Meet the requirements of GB175

  3. Water

  The mixing water that meets the requirements of JGJ63 can also be mixed with the backwater that has undergone precipitation during the production process of this product.

Two, admixture

  1 Lightweight admixture, to produce low-density non-asbestos fiber cement board, you can add an appropriate amount of lightweight inorganic composite material.

  2. Silica materials are used in the production of asbestos-free fiber cement board siliceous admixtures, in which the sio2 content is not less than 50%.

  3. When producing non-asbestos fiber cement board, you can add an appropriate amount of high-efficiency absorbent material.

   Three, performance

   1. Load-bearing

   Test basis: Falling ball test impact, no through cracks on the board surface.

   2. Frost resistance

   Test basis: After 25 freeze-thaw cycles, no cracks or delaminations should occur.

   3. Water impermeability

   Test basis: Wet marks are allowed on the back of the board after 24h inspection, but no water droplets are allowed.

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