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What is a non-asbestos gasket? Non-asbestos board manufacturers will introduce you in detail


In the petrochemical and shipbuilding industries, chemical corrosion of asbestos materials to steel bodies is usually a major accident. In the refrigeration industry, especially air conditioners and refrigerators are closely related to people's lives, asbestos can cause great harm to the human body and the environment. Excellent quality enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Users should pay special attention: ASBESTOS FREE GASKET or NON ASBESTOS GASKET usually mentioned in European and American countries refers to 100% asbestos-free gaskets.

This non-asbestos gasket does not contain any asbestos ingredients, so it will not harm our health. In addition, our manufacturer's quality requirements for non-asbestos gaskets are impermanent and strict in processing and production engineering, and the application of this product has gradually replaced the use of asbestos products. Non-asbestos products are environmentally friendly products. It is a new type of sealing product. The sealing effect is very good and it is very convenient to use.

According to various specific working conditions, non-asbestos gaskets use non-asbestos sealing materials, stamping with molds or various tools, and cutting into sealing products of various shapes. Asbestos is considered a carcinogen in the world. In the 1970s, many countries proposed asbestos-free programs. After more than 20 years of hard work, the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries have successively developed various series of non-asbestos gasket materials.

Non-asbestos gaskets are also impermanent and convenient to use. In addition, the service life of non-asbestos gaskets is relatively long, and the sales of products on the market are relatively large. Therefore, when we buy non-asbestos gaskets, we must go to a regular manufacturer or merchant to buy. Only products produced by regular manufacturers can guarantee product quality.

In 1990, the US Environmental Protection Agency issued government regulations prohibiting the use of asbestos materials and their products. Now, advanced countries in the world have promoted non-asbestos materials to various application fields and completely banned the use of asbestos materials. Traditional asbestos materials have been used in China for a long time. After my country joined the WTO, all industries in China are facing challenges from abroad.

In addition, non-asbestos gaskets can be used in a wide range of applications. It can be used in different industries and will not pollute the environment. The product can also be processed into sealing material, which is effective when used. In addition, it is impermanent and convenient to use, the asbestos-free gasket has excellent safety performance when used, and is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and has excellent corrosion resistance.

The automobile industry is at the forefront of industrial reforms. Volkswagen and General Motors, as giants in the automotive industry, introduced the concept of asbestos-free automotive seals to China. Take the lead in tracking the research and development of asbestos-free in China. With the rapid development of the domestic automobile industry and more and more foreign automobile companies investing and building factories in China, the non-asbestosization of auto parts has begun.

That's all for today. To learn more about non-asbestos sheets and gaskets, welcome to consult!