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The manufacturer of non-asbestos board tells you why you should choose non-asbestos fiber board!


Non-asbestos fiberboard is a reinforcement material made of loose short fibers (such as inorganic mineral fibers or cellulose fibers), while siliceous and calcium materials are used as the main consolidation materials. After pulping, molding and high temperature and high pressure saturated steam, the curing reaction can be accelerated. Non-asbestos board manufacturers can use molds or various tools to punch and cut the boards, and then process them into products of various shapes. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries, and is widely accepted and applied. Asbestos-free boards are made of high-performance synthetic fibers, natural rubber, fillers, colorants and other materials, which are rolled into boards under high temperature and pressure. In essence, it can completely replace asbestos.

Today, non-asbestos rubber sheet gives you a reason to choose non-asbestos fiberboard. If you are interested, let us have a look!

The difference between non-asbestos fiberboard and ordinary board is that it does not contain asbestos and does not produce harmful substances to the human body. Its other advantages are also reflected in the following aspects: good fire insulation performance, non-combustible Class A, will not burn when on fire, does not produce toxic gases, low conductivity, and is widely used in power distribution rooms and other places. Places with high power consumption.

Performance characteristics of non-asbestos board:

1. Waterproof performance: good waterproof performance. In places with high humidity such as toilets and bathrooms, it can still maintain stable performance without expansion or deformation.

2. High strength: high strength, firmness, not easy to damage or break.

3. Dimensional stability: The wet expansion rate and dry shrinkage rate of the board are controlled within the standard range.

4. Heat and sound insulation: good heat insulation and sound insulation.

5. Long service life: stable performance, not easy to corrode, free from moisture or insect damage, and long service life.

Non-asbestos calcium silicate board is a new type of building and industrial board with excellent performance. Its products are fireproof, moisture-proof, soundproof, insect-proof and durable. This is a decorative board for suspended ceilings and partitions.

There are many types of fiberboard. According to the grade, it is mainly divided into ordinary fiberboard, fiberboard and fiber pressure board. According to the strength, it is mainly divided into non-compressed board (ordinary board), fiber reinforced board and high-density fiber board. According to the different fibers used, it is mainly divided into chrysotile fiberboard and non-asbestos fiberboard.

1. Fiberboard is also called fiber-reinforced board. The difference from ordinary board is that various fibers are added as reinforcing materials, which greatly improves the strength, flexibility, bending resistance and impact resistance of the board. The added fibers mainly include mineral fibers such as asbestos, plant fibers such as pulp, synthetic fibers such as vinylon, and artificial fibers such as glass fibers. According to the different added fibers, it is divided into chrysotile board and non-asbestos board.

2. The main difference of the fiber press board is that it is pressed by a special press during the production process. It has higher density, higher waterproof, fireproof and sound insulation performance, stronger bearing capacity, flexibility and impact resistance, and its performance is mainly determined by the pressure level in addition to the raw materials, formula and process. pressure.