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Why choose non-asbestos fiberboard?


Because China is the main producer of asbestos, European and American countries do not, so European and American countries say that asbestos is harmful and it is not allowed to use or contain asbestos. These products are imported, but domestic scientific research has confirmed that the asbestos usually used belongs to chrysotile asbestos. The difference between non-asbestos fiberboard and fiberboard is that it does not contain asbestos and does not produce harmful substances to the human body. Its other advantages are also reflected in the following aspects: good fire insulation performance, non-combustible Class A, will not burn when on fire, does not produce toxic gases, low conductivity, and is widely used in power distribution rooms and other places. Places with high power consumption.

The characteristics of fire and heat insulation can be used as fire protection board and heat insulation board. It has a good sound insulation effect and can be used as a noise barrier for high-speed railways. It is not affected by high humidity environment. Its high strength makes it difficult to deform and light in weight, which can be used as a roof suspension board. The structure is simple during processing and secondary decoration. It can be cut, punched, tiled and decorated as required. Acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance can extend the life of the board.

Asbestos-free board is a new generation of green building materials, which has unique environmental protection functions on the basis of excellent moisture and fire resistance. It is a new type of building material, which is made of siliceous and calcareous materials as the main substrate, cellulose fiber as the reinforcing material, and other auxiliary materials. It is formed by copying, high temperature, high pressure and curing. One hundred does not contain asbestos. The main materials used in the production of fiberboard include: plant fiber, various selected mineral fillers, various suspension agents and additives. After comparing various inspection indicators of raw materials with standard indicators, a computer is used to balance the formula and automatically perform proportional adjustment and feeding.