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5350 Gasket

5350 Gasket

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  • Date of issue:2020-11-13
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Product Name: 5350 Gasket

Product introduction:

Non-asbestos rubber gaskets are made of non-asbestos fibers and oil-resistant rubber as the main raw materials, supplemented by rubber compounding agents and fillers, through mixing and stirring, hot roll forming, and vulcanization. Application field: Very high-quality asbestos-free sealing material, which can maintain good safety under medium and high pressure environments. It is mainly used for sealing oil, water, gas, steam, weak acid and general chemical media. It can also be used for motorcycles, Product specifications for automotive engines:

Traditional asbestos materials have been used in China for a long time. After China joined the WTO, all Chinese industries are facing challenges from abroad. The automobile industry is at the forefront of industrial reforms. Volkswagen and General Motors in the United States, as giants in the automotive industry, introduced the concept of asbestos-free automotive seals to China. With the rapid development of the industry and more and more foreign auto companies investing and building factories in China, the non-asbestosization of auto parts has begun. In the petrochemical and shipbuilding industries, the chemical corrosion of asbestos to steel is usually a hidden danger for major accidents; in the refrigeration industry, especially air conditioners and refrigerators are closely related to people's lives. Asbestos can cause great harm to the human body and the environment.

1500×1540mm 1560×1540mm 4500×1540mm Product thickness: 0.4~6.0mm Each plate can be processed/cut into different types of gaskets and gaskets. The company adheres to the principle of "customer first, quality first", and many companies at home and abroad The enterprise has established a long-term cooperative relationship. Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, investigate and negotiate business.

Non-asbestos gasket 5350 is a kind of non-asbestos material with excellent performance based on the introduction of foreign advanced production technology. It is specially made of aramid fiber, high temperature resistant synthetic mineral fiber, oil resistant rubber and other materials by rolling method. It has the properties of temperature resistance, pressure resistance, oil resistance, excellent air tightness, and compression resilience. It is completely OK after testing. Substitute an imported non-asbestos material. It is a 100% asbestos-free high-quality environmental protection material, which has been exported to many countries and regions in Europe, America and other countries.

The non-asbestos gaskets or non-asbestos gaskets usually mentioned in European and American countries refer to 100% asbestos-free gaskets. It should be said that translated into Chinese can be said to be "non-asbestos gasket" or "non-asbestos gasket", but in the Chinese market, some companies claim that this gasket contains a certain amount of asbestos (5-20%) as a non-asbestos gasket sheet. 100% asbestos-free gaskets are called non-asbestos gaskets.

Main features of non-asbestos gasket:

1. 100% asbestos-free, new environmentally friendly materials, can be exported to major developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

2. Good temperature resistance, pressure resistance and compression resilience

3. Wide applicability, oil resistance, medium resistance and air tightness.

4. High mechanical strength materials are easy to cut and shape.

Supply size mm: 1000*1500, 1500*1500, 1500*4500, 1500*4100

Thickness mm: 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, automobile, and other industries. It is widely accepted and applied. It has good high temperature resistance, suitable for heat insulation, sealing, electrical insulation, sound absorption, etc. at high temperature. It is an excellent lightweight refractory material; chemical corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, high electrical insulation, high flexibility, high Elastic modulus and other properties; this is divided into non-metallic non-asbestos sealing board for sealing and non-asbestos calcium silicate board for thermal insulation. The density is uniform, there is no gap in any cut surface; the thickness is uniform, the board surface is smooth and flat; cutting and installation are convenient.


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