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High temperature furnace

High temperature furnace
Detailed introduction:

This asbestos-free board has unparalleled excellent performance of other similar boards: extremely low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance. It has extremely low water absorption and excellent waterproof performance. Moisture-proof; high compressive strength, strong bearing capacity. Its light materials and simple structure are particularly suitable for large-scale modernization of high-rise buildings and large-scale projects. It can be widely used in various fields of engineering construction: external wall insulation, inverted roof insulation and anti-seepage, floor radiation heating, etc., which can effectively reduce the load of high-rise buildings; water conservancy projects, such as reservoirs, rivers, dams, roads, railways and Thermal insulation and antifreeze treatment of the tunnel to prevent damage to the foundation caused by melting.

Our non-asbestos boards, non-asbestos rubber boards, non-asbestos fiber boards and non-asbestos sealing materials can be used for a long time in the daily temperature range, are not easy to age, do not deteriorate, are non-toxic and tasteless, and have long-term insulation properties. And has the characteristics of light weight, low thermal conductivity, heat preservation, heat insulation, impact resistance, sound absorption and so on. It can be widely used in defense metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, shipbuilding, textile, medicine, transportation, thermal power, construction and other industries. Compared with other thermal insulation materials, it has the advantages of light weight, convenient construction, easy cutting, consistent shape, and no pollution. No environment, skin irritation, no loss during construction.

The properties of non-asbestos boards are very good. First of all, its thermal conductivity is very low, and it also has a good heat preservation effect and heat insulation effect. It is a material with many advantages. It is used in many places where waterproofing is required. Due to its own structure, it has good waterproof and moisture-proof properties, which is different from other materials that absorb moisture in many humid environments, causing problems such as shortened service life.

Its mass is also very light. You don’t have to worry about something that looks so big. If you can’t move it, you don’t have to worry at all. It is very light and very convenient for transportation and construction. In many buildings, its occurrence rate in projects is also high. If used in many water conservancy projects, it also has a good thermal insulation effect, which can effectively prevent the cracking of the foundation part.

The non-asbestos board mainly has the following points: the attic ceiling in the furniture decoration. It is also used in the interlayer of partition walls in many entertainment places, which can play a very good sound insulation effect. It is used for the heat insulation layer of fire doors, which can effectively heat insulation.


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