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How to buy cost-effective non-asbestos rubber sheets?


How can I buy a cost-effective non-asbestos rubber sheet?

Currently in the sealing industry, non-asbestos rubber sheet can be said to be the star product. The huge market makes more and more manufacturers start to produce asbestos rubber sheets, but the production technology of each manufacturer is uneven, and the quality of the products is sometimes difficult to guarantee. For those who are new to the industry, it is difficult to buy cost-effective products. Non-asbestos rubber sheet. So is there any way to buy cost-effective non-asbestos rubber sheet products? Of course there is.

When purchasing non-asbestos rubber sheets, you must first look at the appearance. This is the most direct reflection of the quality of the non-asbestos rubber sheet. The printed surface of the high-quality non-asbestos rubber sheet is uniform. When you observe in the sun, you will find that there are no pits or surface pits at all. .

Non-asbestos rubber fiberboard is a kind of non-asbestos product with aramid fiber and rubber as the main material, plus various fillers through strong compression, and does not contain any asbestos components. Nowadays, there are many types of non-asbestos rubber sheets, which can be divided into medium-pressure non-asbestos roller plates and non-asbestos extraction plates according to their different technological formulas and properties. Both of these two non-asbestos sheets are the most mainstream concentrated non-asbestos rubber sheets. These non-asbestos rubber sheets are often processed into various gaskets and gaskets.

In addition to looking, we can also judge based on the specific gravity of the asbestos rubber sheet. The specific gravity of the non-asbestos rubber sheet is relatively light, and the density is relatively uniform. I believe that if you master these points, you will be able to buy cost-effective asbestos rubber sheets.

As we all know, if a sealed container lid is to ensure its sealing performance, it must be equipped with gaskets or gaskets with good sealing performance inside the lid. These gaskets and gaskets are often made of non-asbestos rubber sheets. Into. Asbestos has excellent heat resistance and insulation properties, while rubber has excellent sealing properties and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the non-asbestos rubber sheet made of these two materials has all the advantages of both. It is very suitable for making various gaskets with acid and alkali resistance requirements.