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5350 Gasket

5350 Gasket

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  • Date of issue:2020-11-13
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Product Name: 5350 Gasket

Product introduction:

Non-asbestos gasket is a non-asbestos environmentally friendly sealing gasket material made of fiber rubber filler and processed by advanced calendering technology. Because of its excellent sealing and torque retention, outstanding oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and refrigerant resistance, it can be widely used in various industries and has anti-flange bonding treatment on both sides.

Before installing the gasket, coat the sealing surface, gasket, thread and rotating parts of bolts and nuts with a layer of graphite powder or graphite powder blended with oil (or water). The gasket and graphite should be kept clean. The gasket must be centered and correctly installed on the sealing surface, and cannot be deflected, and cannot extend into the valve cavity or rest on the shoulder. The inner diameter of the gasket should be larger than the inner hole of the sealing surface, and the outer diameter should be slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the sealing surface, so as to ensure that the gasket is evenly compressed. Only one piece of gasket is allowed to install, and two or more pieces are not allowed to be installed between the sealing surfaces to eliminate the insufficient gap between the two sealing surfaces.

Non-asbestos gasket 5350 is a kind of non-asbestos material with excellent performance based on the introduction of foreign advanced production technology. It is specially made of aramid fiber, high temperature resistant synthetic mineral fiber, oil resistant rubber and other materials by roller pressing method. It has the properties of temperature resistance, pressure resistance, oil resistance, excellent air tightness, and compression resilience. It is completely OK after testing. Substitute an imported non-asbestos material. It is a 100% asbestos-free high-quality environmental protection material, which has been exported to many countries and regions in Europe, America and other countries.

Main features of non-asbestos gasket:

1. 100% asbestos-free, new environmentally friendly materials, can be exported to major developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

2. Good temperature resistance, pressure resistance and compression resilience

3. Wide applicability, oil resistance, medium resistance and air tightness.

4. High mechanical strength materials are easy to cut and shape.

The oval gasket should be sealed so that the inner and outer rings of the gasket are in contact with each other. For the installation of O-rings, except that the ring and groove should meet the design requirements, the amount of compression should be appropriate. The flatness of metal hollow O-rings is generally 10% to 40%. The compression deformation rate of rubber O-rings is Take 13%~20% for static sealing; take 15%~25% for flat static sealing surface. For high internal pressure, the compression deformation should be higher when using vacuum. Under the premise of ensuring sealing, the smaller the compression deformation rate, the better, which can extend the life of the O-ring. Before the gasket is placed on the cover, the valve should be in the open position to avoid affecting the installation and damaging the valve. When closing the cover, align the position, and do not contact the gasket by pushing or pulling to avoid displacement and scratches of the gasket. When adjusting the position of the cover, you should lift the cover slowly, and then align it gently.

Supply size mm: 1000*1500, 1500*1500, 1500*4500, 1500*4100

Thickness mm: 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0

The installation of bolted or threaded gaskets should be such that the gaskets are in a horizontal position (the gasket cover of threaded connections should not use pipe wrenches if there is a wrench position). The screw tightening should adopt a symmetrical, alternate, and even operation method, and the bolts should be fully buckled, neat and not loose.


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