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Talking about how the non-asbestos gasket is applied


With the development of industrial technology, high-performance non-asbestos gaskets have been widely used in nuclear power plants. At the same time, these high-performance non-asbestos gaskets also play an important role in the safe and stable operation of nuclear power plants. Non-asbestos board manufacturers bring you the applications and functions of non-asbestos gaskets in nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power plants are different from civil thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants and other power plants that require higher safety and technological maturity. Therefore, non-asbestos gaskets installed in nuclear power plants also require high safety, high reliability and uniformity, so as to be easy to replace. Non-asbestos gaskets are widely used in the design of structures, systems and components (SSC) of nuclear power plants.

Mainly include: the sealing ring on the sealing door used to maintain the structural sealing requirements of the structure, the sealing of the pipe flanges in the process fluid system, and the sealing of the flanges of various pressure-bearing equipment (especially nuclear power). The central equipment of the factory-nuclear reactor Sealing of the top cover of the core pressure vessel, etc. In the design of nuclear power plants, underwater sealed doors are items related to nuclear safety, and the non-asbestos gasket of the door is a key part of the sealing performance.

When the door is in the closed position, after stopping the expansion of the inner cavity of the non-asbestos gasket, the non-asbestos gasket expands and compresses the peripheral pressure plate to complete the sealing of the door. The medium of the sealed door is boron-containing water, the boron content in the water is 2000 to 2500 ppm, and the pH value (250°C) of the medium is 4.7 to 5.5. When the sealed door is closed, there is a large water pressure difference on both sides of the door. When there is no water on one side and no water level on the other side, the water level difference is 6.5m. Therefore, non-asbestos gasket materials must have good elasticity and toughness.

Non-asbestos gaskets are used as process system piping accessories and are widely used in the primary and secondary circuits and auxiliary process systems of nuclear power plants. The design and selection of non-asbestos gaskets can ensure that the structure, system and components of nuclear power plants have high sealing properties. As a disposable replacement part, asbestos gaskets are required to have high uniformity in the manufacture of non-asbestos gaskets. As a small part of the pressure-bearing boundary, asbestos gaskets are required to ensure that they can maintain safe and reliable performance under any conditions. Efficient and reliable sealing design concepts are widely used in the design of nuclear power plants.