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5350 Gasket

5350 Gasket

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  • Date of issue:2020-11-13
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Product Name: 5350 Gasket

product description:

The product is a non-asbestos sealing material, which is mainly processed by punching, water cutting, plasma cutting and other methods.

Conventional colors: blue, green, other colors can be customized.

Specifications and dimensions: customized according to customer requirements.

Synthetic rubber can change its shape just like a fluid. Of course, it cannot flow. When the squeezing force that presses its deformation disappears, it can return to its original shape (that is, the volume of the gasket does not change during the compression process. Change, expressed by the magnitude of pressure change).


It should have sufficient strength to withstand the squeezing force that makes it into a sealed state and withstand the high-pressure fluid medium (that is, the physical properties of the rubber gasket, such as tensile strength and fixed tensile strength).

Conventional thickness: 0.4-3.0mm, boards above 3.0mm can be bonded

Main performance parameters: see product model.

Inspection standard: The standard of the plate is the rolling method non-asbestos fiber gasket (JC/T2052-2011)


By adjusting the formula, it can not only achieve enough strength for use, but also have enough plasticity, so that it can be closely attached to the metal surface under appropriate pressure, so as to produce a sealing function (seal gasket shape and sealing The shape of the plate grooves is consistent).

Remarks: The product can be coated with graphite and anti-sticking agent according to customer requirements, and metal wires can be clamped with a thickness of 0.8mm or more; gasket materials with a thickness greater than 3.0mm are not subject to transverse tensile strength test; gasket materials reinforced by wire mesh are not Do transverse tensile strength and nitrogen leakage rate tests.

The main features of non-asbestos gaskets:

1. 100% asbestos-free, new environmentally friendly sealing materials, can be exported to major developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

2. Good temperature resistance, pressure resistance and compression resilience

3. Wide applicability, oil resistance, medium resistance and air tightness.

4. High mechanical strength materials are easy to cut and shape.

Resistance to penetration:

The three-dimensional polymer network structure of synthetic rubber can resist the penetration of liquids with different chemical properties (medium resistance).

Temperature resistance:

The rubber in the polymer material has a disadvantage, that is, it will cause all synthetic rubber materials to be only suitable for a relatively narrow temperature range in terms of temperature resistance. Therefore, it is very important to carefully choose the material formula according to the temperature required for use. .

Service life:

Many new synthetic materials have the characteristics of long service life compared with the old type materials. This is due to the use of new additives to further extend the service life. In this regard, the correct choice of synthetic material formulation is very important. All rubber-based synthetic materials will experience stress relaxation. During use, due to chemical changes inside the synthetic material, the initial sealing function will gradually decrease, and when the sealing performance is low When the limit is reached, leakage will inevitably occur.


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