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Talking about the difference between non-asbestos board and non-asbestos board!


The non-asbestos board or non-asbestos board generally mentioned in European and American countries refers to 100% asbestos-free gaskets. It should be said that translated into Chinese can be said to be "non-asbestos board" or "non-asbestos board", but in the Chinese market, some companies claim that the gasket contains a certain amount of asbestos (5-20%) as non-asbestos board, 100% without Asbestos gaskets are called non-asbestos plates.

CAF: Asbestos rubber sheet CFS: Non-asbestos rubber sheet

1) Can only one non-asbestos gasket replace the traditional ordinary asbestos rubber gasket?

Usually, it is difficult to find such non-asbestos gaskets, because general-purpose CAF not only has high temperature resistance and chemical resistance, etc., while rubber fiberboard CFS is mainly aramid butadiene rubber sheet with high oil resistance. Anti-corrosion requires the use of PTFE materials, and most high-temperature industries and mines use graphite materials.

2) Why is CFS more brittle and easier to break than CAF?

CFS contains a low proportion of fibers and a high filler content, while the fiber content of CAF is usually 70-80% to maintain good tensile strength.

3) What issues should be paid attention to when choosing CFS?

Choose reliable and reputable manufacturers;

The conditions of temperature, pressure, medium, flanges, bolts and nuts should be considered comprehensively.

4) Can you provide 4MM or 5MM CFS?

Due to the material nature of CFS itself, we do not recommend using a board above 3MM, but 4MM can be provided.