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Aging test box

Aging test box
Detailed introduction:

Many operators report that asbestos-free board manufacturers say that tractors always like to damage the cylinder head gasket after replacing the cylinder liner. However, whenever the cylinder head gasket is damaged and the cause is found, skilled technicians and experienced drivers are usually repaired. Usually the first thing that comes to mind is improper adjustment of the fuel supply angle of diesel engines, loose cylinder head nuts or improper tightening torque, improper tightening torque, warping and deformation of the cylinder head, etc., but it is rarely noticed that the cylinder head protrudes above the cylinder head. . The plane after the body is inserted into the body and the height difference between the two cylinder liners.

If the automobile cylinder head gasket fails, its sealing performance will fail. Why does the replacement of this component cause the aging of nearby parts? In fact, this product is mainly used to block cylinder heads and cylinder blocks. In this way, the barriers of gas, oil and water will not leak. If the cylinder head gasket fails, these media will leak, and in severe cases, it may even cause the car to malfunction and fail to start the car.

In fact, the excessive protrusion of the cylinder liner or the protrusion height of the two cylinder liners is an extremely important cause of damage to the cylinder head gasket. Because the cylinder protrusion is too large and the protrusion height difference between the two cylinder liners is too large, not only the compressed cylinder head gasket will shrink due to the excessive protrusion and height difference, or the tightening amount is inconsistent, but the cylinder head is deformed under pressure .

The cylinder head gasket is located between the cylinder head and the cylinder block and is also called the cylinder bed. Its function is to fill the tiny holes between the cylinder block and the cylinder head to ensure excellent sealing on the contact surface and to ensure the sealing of the combustion chamber to avoid cylinder air leakage and water jacket air leakage.

If maintenance and replacement of cylinder gasket sealing products are not carried out for a long time, these media will cause corrosion of adjacent parts, damage nearby parts and accelerate the aging of adjacent parts. Therefore, if the component is found to be faulty, it needs to be replaced in time to avoid greater impact.

Therefore, the "Tractor Operation Manual" describes the protrusion amount of the cylinder liner after insertion into the human body and the height difference between the two cylinder liners, and there are strict technical rules.


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