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What is non-asbestos board? Definition of non-asbestos board


What is non-asbestos board? What is the definition of asbestos-free board? The following non-asbestos board manufacturers will answer for you!

Non-asbestos board is the abbreviation of non-asbestos fiber rubber board, and according to its production process is divided into non-asbestos copy board and non-asbestos roll plate. Non-asbestos board mainly includes: non-asbestos copy board, non-asbestos compression board, non-asbestos rubber board and other non-asbestos materials. Asbestos-free board is divided into two concepts: broad and narrow. Asbestos-free board is made of high-performance synthetic fibers, natural rubber, fillers, colorants and other materials that are rolled into boards under high temperature and pressure. It can completely replace asbestos in essence. status. Non-asbestos board is relative to asbestos board.

In a broad sense, asbestos-free boards refer to all asbestos-free boards, such as red steel paper, oil-resistant fiber paper, ordinary rubber boards, graphite composite boards, polytetrafluoroethylene boards, etc., which can be called asbestos-free boards in a narrow sense. Asbestos board only refers to the original use of asbestos fiber as reinforcing fiber or insulation material, but with the improvement of environmental protection requirements, asbestos fiber is replaced by other wide-ranging high-performance fibers such as aramid, acrylic fiber, cellulose fiber The materials produced by, mineral fiber, glass fiber, etc. are collectively referred to as non-asbestos board. The board can be punched and cut with dies or various tools to form products of various shapes.

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, automobile, and other industries. It is widely accepted and applied. It has good high temperature resistance, suitable for heat insulation, sealing, electrical insulation, sound absorption, etc. at high temperature. It is an excellent lightweight refractory material; chemical corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, high electrical insulation, high flexibility, high Elastic modulus and other properties; this is divided into non-metallic non-asbestos sealing board for sealing and non-asbestos calcium silicate board for thermal insulation. The density is uniform, there is no gap in any cut surface; the thickness is uniform, the board surface is smooth and flat; cutting and installation are convenient.

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