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Today, the non-asbestos rubber sheet manufacturer will introduce you little knowledge about rubber sheet, I hope it will help you!

The rubber sheet is divided into insulating rubber sheet, oil-resistant rubber sheet, fluorine and silicon special rubber sheet, acid and alkali-resistant rubber sheet, anti-static, conductive rubber sheet, non-slip rubber sheet, and customized rubber sheets of various specifications and materials are mainly due to various Industry needs to be created.

Asbestos-free rubber sheet is widely used and the industry is developing rapidly. It is an indispensable resource material in all walks of life.

Regarding the advantages of non-asbestos rubber sheet, its discharging temperature is 10~20℃ lower than that of the forward roller method, which can save the mixing time by 40%. The order is carbon black softener (including accelerator) carbon black styrene butadiene rubber, cis Butadiene rubber. B two-stage mixing, (2) segmented rubber mixing method. This mixing method can improve the performance of butadiene rubber and other rubbers when used together. The method is to increase all components (including cis Compared with the traditional mixing method, the viscosity of the rubber compound can be increased by 3 to 4 units, and the tensile strength of vulcanized rubber can be increased by 2.5 to 3.0Mpa. The production process of butadiene rubber includes: Preparation and measurement of catalyst, terminator and antioxidant, polymerization of butadiene, coagulation of glue and dehydration and drying of rubber.

Almost all of its polymerization adopts continuous solution polymerization process, and most of the polymerization devices use 3 to 5 tanks in series, with a single tank volume of 12-50m. The solvent used and the product obtained vary with the catalyst. ①Use butyl lithium as a catalyst to produce butadiene rubber.

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